Our Little Secret

by Aaron Charles

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released March 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Aaron Charles Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Aaron Charles, formed in 2009 in Pottsville, PA. Since the band's inception, the group has released three EP's: "The Just Face Sessions (2009)," "Awaken (2011)," and "The Just Face Sessions [Revisited] (2012)."

The band is continually playing live in support of their freshman album "Our Little Secret (2013)".
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Track Name: Our Little Secret
a perfect focal point of information channeled
bearing a warning to all those who dare enter this house
behind those doors lie devouring horrors
inbred beasts who gorge upon the flesh
the table has been set, your place is unseen
hidden in each smile are rows of blood soaked teeth
ready to peel away every muscle-filled layer
families of human reptiles with fork tongued whispers
definitions, equations and paradoxes
hissing and kissing their way to your heart
every piece is a tasty morsel
trickeling down their torn, coarse throats
we are the destroyers of these monsters
what is never ventured, shall never be learned
liquid heaven, blood red delight
Track Name: Glowing One
with the blood on my hands, the blood of the ones
who thought they had the upper-hand
i recall the story so well, inquiring your peculiar situation
i decided to take a further look, to see what makes you tick
examine the soul of a life once lost (so tragic)
i almost feel bad as i relinquish the very moment
i cracked open the skull to see what made you think
that everything you did to me was just
well you were wrong, but i was too
i needed more
to gaze was not enough, but to feast
i lick my fingers oh, the taste of sin
how i revel in this madness
i recall the thought so well, after having devoured
the remains of something so precious
i finally see the truth
but i can never wash the blood off my hands
i can never rid the taste from my mouth
cleanse my bloodied ways
before another victim loses heart and soul tonight
Track Name: Alexander's Arms
you say your life is so bad but still you do nothing about it
well it's time to make the change
you are the only thing stopping you
from changing the world around you.
this is your chance to show the world what your made of
this is your time, so get up and move
don't complain, no excuse, laziness, self-induced
change the fate, in your hands, show the world you will not lose
you will not lose
times will get harder then you know
and you may want to give up,
but know that I believe in you
and clear skies will find you soon
no, we will not give up
even with the weight of the world on my shoulders
i'll pick you up rather then see you fall behind
i won't let you fall behind
this world will do, anything it can to bind you down
but with me, by your side, we can get through any obstacles
your life, is worth too much to throw away
remember what i said this day
Track Name: Letter to the West
my dearest remembrance
end these crawling years
no more lingering days
pick up your dragging feet
your efforts to mask this black dirt
are oh so vain
with mud and soot
old shit tears fall
clean your cheeks of that horrid self
reveal the one you slashed of wings
that unveiled voice is a roar while
white feathers blow from your lungs
from those sighscry the echoing words
that send shivers down my spine
as heavenly trumpets scream and boom
an angel finally got her wings
inked feathers lie
in millions of eyes
go forth my faded angel
your light must ease itself from my eyes
your time is nigh
Track Name: Lamplight
force-fed to one way
thinking our entire lives, never learned to realize
a world stands before us
awaiting the minds, thralls at birth, born in chains and broken free
guilty thoughts, and fragile hearts
choking minds to the point of death, voices never to be born
intelligence inherited, a right we chose to ignore

be blind no more
we are all free

buried within in all subconscious lies lingering doubt
a mental state evolved from curiosity
just as the lamplight will guide us home

searching for enlightenment or a life spent in pious prayer
never let fear become master of all you see.

a mind now free from the slave trade of society
we are all free, and the birthright we deserve is finally in our grasp
and now we await the lamplight, to guide us home
Track Name: Wasteland
day one, corruption
what the fuck has happened here
the damage to this place is too immense for words
the cerebrum of this land has long been a victim
each and every neuron, a limp tree, branching
out, with its own infected, dead entity
the scars of this land have their own tale
and have sung old hymns for far too long
months later, a whole new world
synapses become means of a revolution
the people of this world will no longer sit and wait
"purity, purity," hail the men
and the cells begin to do their part
being trapped for so long, they slowly depart
and begin to rebuild the land to normality
the neurons branch back to each other
creating a membrane like once existed
before that uneventful tragedy
this Cell body, this fragile mind
we have found the cure
for a complete and utter turn-around
and in due time this wasteland will be no more