The Just Face Sessions [Revisited]

by Aaron Charles

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released October 23, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dustin Ford
Produced by Dustin Ford, Zach Campbell
Lyrics by Zach Campbell, James Murphy
Music by Zach Campbell
Artwork by Frank Davidavage

Zach Campbell - Guitar
T.J. Sahutsky - Drums
Frank Davidavage - Vocals
James Murphy - Vocals
Dustin Ford - Bass



all rights reserved


Aaron Charles Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Aaron Charles, formed in 2009 in Pottsville, PA. Since the band's inception, the group has released three EP's: "The Just Face Sessions (2009)," "Awaken (2011)," and "The Just Face Sessions [Revisited] (2012)."

The band is continually playing live in support of their freshman album "Our Little Secret (2013)".
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Track Name: Charming a Snake
this fucking world will bow to me
slaves eternal forever, whenever, wherever, however
this is my hell and i rule it
and you're just another peon in the wrath of tyranny
everything you say and do is only because i allow you to
thank god your still fucking alive
i will continue to reign supreme
inject terror like a vaccine
to keep my people afraid to go outside
embrace it, destroy it, it's all in my hands
(this is) my hell, and i bet you can't wait to fucking burn
and in time, you'll surely fucking learn
even the devil himself is afraid of the ground that i tread
what will you do when you realize that you're trapped
in this fucking agony
kill yourself or let me do it
i dont give a fuck just as long as you're fucking gone
but i know i just can't save you
or maybe i just don't want to
maybe you should have thought before you betrayed me
this is my hell and i stand my ground
be prepared, this war is fought to the death
Track Name: Paper Hearts
i've memorized every breath you took
took to heart all those misleading looks
now all those unwanted thoughts i keep
with which i recite myself to sleep
but as sure as the breath that's in your lungs
you can sleep so soundly knowing your not the only one
to recite a promise and break its neck
the heart is deceitful
and desperately wicked above all things
who can know it, but you
i've wanted to get this off of my chest for so long
and for so long i've been trying
until now i've been sleeping in a bed
that i've constructed out of anger, jealously, and heartache
today i realized that sleeping in the bed that i've made
will never change what has happened
i need to wake up
this has been the closest thing to my heart and the farthest from it
i owe this apology more to myself than to you
i should have showed you that you mattered to me
more than what you did to break us apart
i'm taking what i've built and tearing it down
i'm taking what i am and breaking it down
i'm breaking down
i am breaking down
Track Name: Spark: The Inferno
come now child, we've no time to waste
we must act with haste when there's lives to break
friendships to ruin, people to use, so much at stake
remember when we used to laugh so loud
give me five minutes of your precious life
and i'll remind you, now see where we are
i've a handful of pills to make the world spin
i've gambled on odds stacked not to win
in the falling rain it seems washed away
all the blood on our hands that we mistake for grace
but here it lies at our feet
basking in the prowess that it sees
if you could imagine a world without the sky
Track Name: The Tragedy of Corona del Mar
all of those days we shared
gone now, but at least i was spared
cherished all the time we spent
even though i never fucking meant anything to you
take these words as truth: i never need you
all you did was cloud my thoughts
now i'm just glad that you're lost
i cant stop thinking "what if"
and i'll play it out in my dreams
where every time, should i fail again, i can start over
and i would, and you can, but you won't
this is the end of what could have been so much more.
i've spilled my heart killing what i adore
today is just another day
and i'm just another face
but the day that you betrayed me
can never be replaced